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What is License Plate?

The license plate is defined in ISO/IEC 15459-1. It is a unique identifier for transport units and has a certain structure. This unique number, regardless of use, shall be specified and assigned by the label issuer and applied to a transport unit and may provide access to traceability data regardless of content and destination. This number shall be valid for the lifetime of the unit it is applied to.

EDIFICE has been accepted by the Nederlands Normalisatie Instituut (NEN) to act as Issuing Agency for License Plates and has been assigned code LE.

List of Issuing Agency Codes on the NEN site.


License Plate Structure
LE  XYZ  123456789012345

123456789012345: Unique code allocated to the transport unit by the company identified by the preceding CIN code.

XYZ: Unique Company Identification Number (CIN), assigned by EDIFICE to the requesting company

LE: Unique Code assigned to EDIFICE by the Registration Authority, which is the NEN


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